Getting Started with YouTube Integration

Installing YouTube integration

To install the free version of YouTube Integration with limited features visit here and download the plugin file. This version has limited customisation features, to unlock all features of youtube integration upgrade to PRO.

This .zip file needs to be installed through the WordPress plugins screen directly by navigating to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.

Advanced users can also upload the content of the .zip file directly to wp-content/plugins/ via FTP.

Setting up YouTube Integration

The YouTube API requires a valid YouTube API key sent with every request, in order to pull data from YouTube. In order for you to get an API key, you must create your own key on This process takes only a few minutes and is fairly simple.

You can follow along with our text guide: How to create a YouTube API key.

You can also check out our instructional video on the StreamWeasels YouTube.

Once your API key is set up and connected you can begin embedding YouTube content into your site.

Using YouTube Integration

You can insert a YouTube Integration anywhere on your site by using the [streamweasels-youtube] shortcode. The basic shortcode will use the options as set in your youtube integration settings page but for a guide on how to customise the shortcode for each embed click here.

Upgrade your YouTube Integration package

The free version of StreamWeasels YouTube Integration comes with a limit on the number of videos you can display at one time, and also most of the custom features and settings are disabled.

You can find out more about the PRO version of YouTube Integration and our money-saving bundles here.

YouTube Integration Layouts

StreamWeasels YouTube Integration comes with only a single Wall style layout. More layouts will be released in the future.