Twitch Integration Shortcode Guide

How to use Shortcodes

The most basic shortcode to use with the StreamWeasels Twitch Integration plugins is simply [streamweasels]

This will insert a Twitch Integration according the the settings you have selected in the main Twitch Integration settings page and is the easiest way to use our plugins.

Layout Not Set Error

If you are simply using the shortcode [streamweasels] you might see a Layout Not Set message on your site if you have not selected and saved a layout on the main Twitch Integration settings page.

Make sure you have selected a Layout on the Main Settings page like this:

Main Settings - Layout

Another quick way around this error is to simply set the layout on your shortcode like this: [streamweasels layout="wall"]

More Advanced Shortcodes

Using the settings on the Main Settings Page works great if you are simply going to use one Twitch Integration on your site. Configure your settings, add your simple shortcode [streamweasels] and then you're done.

But what if you want to have multiple Twitch Integrations on your site. Maybe you want to have 2 or 3 on a single page, or you want to have one on multiple different pages with different settings? That's where the shortcode attributes and values come in.

If you want to use multiple different integrations with custom settings on each throughout your site, you will have to set these custom variables in the shortcode. For example;

[streamweasels layout="wall" channels="lirik,shroud,sodapoppin" autoplay="1"]

This will embed a Twitch Wall Integration with 3 declared streamers with autoplay enabled.

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration has over 30 settings, and each add-on also has their own settings. Each and every setting can be added to your shortcodes for fine, granular control. You can find a list of those attributes and settings for each plugin below.

Full List of Shortcode Attributes and Values

Main Settings

Field Attribute Values Description
 Game game="" Input game name as appears on twitch Pulls all streams playing selected game
language="" Type ISO 639-1 2 letter language code
Pulls all streams labelled as this language
channels="" Input list of channel names separated by comma (no space required
Pulls only channels defined in field.
team="" Input name of twitch team exactly as it appears in twitch url.
Pulls all streams from defined twitch team.
Title Filter
title-filter="" Input a Term to filter streams (E.g "NoPixel")
Displays only streams containing filter in title.
limit="" Number up to 100
Limits number of streams to this number.

Layout settings

Embed Settings

Offline Settings

Autoplay Settings

Appearance Settings

Tile Settings

Hover Settings

Twitch Integration Add-ons

StreamWeasels Twitch Integration comes with many Add-on plugins to enable different layouts. These Add-on plugins have their own settings on top of the Main Settings above. You can find out more about each of the StreamWeasels Add-ons and their settings below:

Twitch Wall Add-on

Twitch Wall - Classic Twitch layout for displaying many streams at once.

View Twitch Wall Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Rail Add-on

Twitch Rail - Horizontal scrolling layout, display many streams in a small space.

View Twitch Rail Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Player Add-on

Twitch Player - Compact, cinema-style layout, great for embedded stream experience.

View Twitch Player Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Status Add-on

Twitch Status - Simply display Twitch live status on every page on your website.

View Twitch Status Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Feature Add-on

Twitch Feature - Slick, professional-style layout inspired by the Twitch homepage.

View Twitch Feature Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Vods Add-on

Twitch Vods - The easiest way to display Twitch VODS on your website.

View Twitch Vods Add-on Shortcode Settings.

Twitch Showcase Add-on

Twitch Showcase - eSports-inspired Twitch Integration with custom images.

View Twitch Showcase Add-on Shortcode Settings.