How to integrate my Stream with Ultima Gaming

Stream Integration comes baked in to the Ultima Gaming theme as standard and is very easy to configure.

Twitch Integration

As of 2022 and Ultima Gaming theme version 1.0.0 onwards, there is an extra step to configure the API.

To get started, from the main navigation on the left, select Ultima Settings -> Twitch Integration.

Enter your Twitch username in the Username field.

Next, you will need to provide a Twitch Client ID and Client Secret. These are special keys made available through Twitch, which basically gives your site permission to make requests to the Twitch API. This is required if you want to display your Twitch live status, game playing, viewer count etc.

It only takes a few minutes to get your Client ID and Client Secret, you can follow along with our textual guide or video guide:

Text Guide:

Video Guide:

Once you have added your Twitch Client ID and Client Secret, you can simply save the page and you will see your Twitch Auth Token and Token Token Expires should populate. There's no need to worry about the token expiring, Ultima Gaming checks your site once per day and if it finds you have an expired token, a new token will automatically be generated.

If you're having issues and you want to force your token to update, you can toggle on the Twitch Token Refresh field and hit save. This will delete any existing token information and pull a fresh token from Twitch.

YouTube Integration

From the main navigation on the left, select Ultima Settings -> YouTube Integration.

Enter both your YouTube username and your YouTube user ID in the Username field and the User ID field.

YouTube integration also requires a YouTube API key. Check out our guide on obtaining an free YouTube API Key.

Show Stream Status

Show Stream Status displays your online / offline status in the header. Enabled by default.

Show Stream Title

Show Stream Title displays your stream title in the header. Enabled by default.

Show Game Playing

Show Game Playing displays the game you are currently playing in the header. Enabled by default.

Show Viewer Count

Show Viewer Count displays the number of concurrent viewers you have in the header. Enabled by default.

Show Watch on Twitch

Show Watch Now displays a direct link to your stream platform in the upper-right of the header. Enabled by default.

Embed Twitch Stream

Embed Twitch Stream will enabled your Twitch Stream to automatically be embedded in your site whenever you're live. This embed will be placed on any page that includes the Masthead section, and the entire masthead image will be replaced by your embedded stream.

Embed Twitch Chat

Embed Twitch Chat will embed the Twitch Chat alongside your stream, only if Embed Twitch Stream is active.

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