How to setup a Client ID and Client Secret (Twitch Integration)

How to setup a Client ID and Client Secret for StreamWeasels Twitch Integration

Connecting to the new Twitch API requires a Twitch Client ID and Client Secret. For this reason you must input your own Client ID and Client Secret into the Settings page of StreamWeasels Twitch Integration. This will ensure the plugin and your website can connect and pull data from the new Twitch API.

If you would rather watch a video guide, check out the video below:

Step 1


Login to Twitch and click authorize. Twitch will require you to setup two-factor authentication in order to access There is unfortunately no way around this step!

Click Your Console.

Click Register Your Application.

Twitch Dev Console Page

Step 2

This is where you actually setup your website to authorize with Twitch.

Set Name to something related to your Website.

Set OAuth Redirect URLs to the URL of your website. This must match you website URL exactly (including the http:// or https:// at the beginning.).

Set Category to Website Integration.

Click Create.

Now click Manage.

From this page you want to copy the Client ID and save it for later.

Now you want to click New Secret.

Copy the Client Secret which has been generated and save it for later.

You should be looking at something like this:

Twitch Application Page

Step 3

You may now return to your Twitch Integration settings page in WordPress and paste both the Client ID and Client Secret into the options as shown below. You can then hit Save Changes, and if done correctly you will now see your Twitch Auth Token has been generated and you API connection has been successful!

Twitch Integration Settings

Every Twitch Auth Token lasts around 2 months and allows you to pull data from Twitch for that duration. StreamWeasels Twitch Integration will attempt to automatically renew your token when it's nearing the end of it's life, but if the plugin fails to renew your token, your Twitch Integration may stop working. If that happens, you simply need to head back to the Twitch Integration Settings page and click Refresh Token.

Step 4

Now that your plugin has been connected to the API, it's time to start discovering the possibilities of StreamWeasels Twitch Integration.

First add your channels. Choose to display Twitch streams based on Game, Channels or Team. Then choose your layout!

The free plugin has 4 layouts to choose from:

Twitch Wall

Twitch Rail

Twitch Player

Twitch Status

Pro Bundles come with the following layouts:

Twitch Feature

Twitch Vods

Twitch Nav

And we're adding more all the time! If you have more questions related to the Twitch API, your Client ID or Client Secret, you can get in touch.