Ultima Gaming Component - Badges ( new!)

Our Ultima Gaming theme comes with over a dozen different components that can be pieced together in a variety of different layouts.

We're going to detail each and every component so that you're properly equipped to setup and configure your very own Ultima Gaming WordPress website in the way that suites your needs.

First, if you have already checked out some of our Ultima Gaming Demo sites and you want to replicate the layouts you see there, head over to our Complete Guide to Importing Ultima Gaming Demo Sites.

Badges Component

To get started, head to your page and under Flexible Template, findAdd Section in the bottom right. Click Add Section and select Badges.


Navigate to the Content Tab to view the content fields for this component.

Most of our components come with the ability to add heading text, sometimes spanning over multiple lines.

Customize your headers with the Text field and optionally change the colors of your headers with the Color field. Headers that span multiple lines will be labelled Line 1, Line 2 etc.

You can leave a Text field blank to display no header at all. Leaving the Color fields blank will make your headers the default color, based on the Color Settings you have set.

To display your Twitch badges, you must fill the Twitch User ID field. You can convert your Twitch username to ID here.

You can then choose wether or not you wish to display the Bit Badges, add a Bit Badge Title and change the Bit Badge Title Color.

You can also display the Number of Bits and change the Number of Bits Color.

The Bit Badge Text field allows you to add a longer description to display above your Bit Badges.

You can then choose wether or not you wish to display the Sub Badges, add a Sub Badge Title and change the Sub Badge Title Color.

You can also display the Number of Months and change the Number of Months Color.

For Subscriber Badges, you have the option to display Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Sub Badges. You can display as many or as few of them as you would like.

Below this, you then have the option to add a Button, which you can use to point users to a different page, or maybe a direct link to your Subscription link on Twitch.

Layout Options

All of our components comes with some advanced layout options that allow you to customize the look and feel of each component. Navigate to the Layout Options Tab to view your layout options for this particular component.

Many of the components share the same layout options, like Section ID, Background Image, Background Color etc which you can read more about in our Complete Guide to Ultima Layout Options.


All of our components come with animations that kick in as you scroll up and down the page. Navigate to the Animations Tab and toggle the Animations field to No turn disable animations for this component.