Where do I find my License Key?

When you purchase one of our products, a license key is generated and validated against the website URL you provided at checkout, this means that license key will only provide you support and updates for that one website URL.

Where is my key?

Your license key will have been emailed to you in your purchase receipt from the StreamWeasels store. You can also view your license key in the License Keys section of your account here on the StreamWeasels site.

I've lost my key! help!

If you can't find your license key and you can't login to the website, shoot us an email with your name and the email address you purchased your product with: admin@streamweasels.com

Can I change my active URL?

Anyone who purchased a Basic or Silver package only has access to support and updates on the website you provided when you purchased your product.

If you wish to change to a different website, please get in touch: admin@streamweasels.com