Complete Guide to Ultima Settings

The Ultima Gaming WordPress theme is flexible and easily customizable through the built-in Ultima Settings. We're going to detail each of the settings pages and explain what they mean and how you can use them.

Color Settings

Navigate to Ultima Settings -> Color Settings. Here you will find all the theme options that allow you to customise the colors of your website.

Choose from the Color Scheme dropdown to use one of our predefined color schemes.

Or, if you have your own colors in mind, toggle the Custom Colors checkbox to display more advanced color options.

Header Settings

Navigate to Ultima Settings -> Header Settings. Here you will find all the theme options that allow you to customise everything in the main header of your website.

Upload your logo in the Logo field - rectangular logos work best here, with the ideal image dimensions being 268x70 (or 536x140 for double resolution).

If your image is too tall and is overflowing out of the header, you can tweak the Logo Padding value, which will make the logo shorter.

Navigation Position allows you to swap between left-side and right-side navigation.

If your website only has one page and you want to enable Smooth Scrolling on your navigation, set Navigation Scroll to yes. We have a full guide on how to setup smooth scrolling on your navigation which you can find here.

If you do not want to display a logo in your main header area, set Hide Logo to yes.

Footer Settings

Swap your footer between light mode and dark mode with the Footer Color field.

Under Footer Left, you will find some fields to add some custom text to your footer. You can customize the Header, Header Color, Contentand Link.

A good option for this content is to use it to display a short bio about yourself.

Under Footer Center, you will find another Logo field to add a seperate logo to the center of your footer. This logo can be any shape but square would work best. You can tweak the Logo Width if you want your logo to show bigger or smaller in the footer.

Under Footer Right, you will find some fields to add contact information. You can customize the Header, Header Color, and then the Contact Details field.

The Contact Details field can span multiple rows if you have more than one method of contact. Click Add Contact to add another row.

The Icon field can be used to display an icon beside each of your contact methods. Like all the other icons in Ultima Gaming you can reference Font Awesome for the full list of icons.

Good icons to use for this section include phone, envelope or paper-plane. There are over 1500 icons to choose from.

Under Footer Bottom you can add some legal text or copyright text like © All Rights Reserved

Button Settings

Here you can select which style of buttons you would like throughout your website. Select from the Button Styles field.

Check out out complete guide on the Ultima Settings Buttons.

Twitch Integration

Check out our guide on how to integrate your stream with Ultima Gaming.

Mixer Integration

Check out our guide on how to integrate your stream with Ultima Gaming.

YouTube Integration

Check out our guide on how to integrate your stream with Ultima Gaming.

Social Media

Under Social Layout, you'll find options to show and hide your social media icons in the header and footer. You can also change the alignment of your social icons between Left and Right.

Under Social Links, you'll find many different fields to add your various different social media links. Enter all the social media links that you want to display on the site, and simply leave the field blank to hide that particular social media link.


By default, Ultima Gaming comes with the Classic Editor plugin installed and enabled.

If you'd like to disable classic editor and use gutenberg instead, set the Gutenberg field to Yes.

Using gutenberg will override the components that come with the Ultima Gaming theme and give you access to the default WordPress gutenberg blocks (as well as any 3rd party blocks you might want to install).


If you want to install some sort of 3rd party analytics system like Google Analytics, you can drop your analytics code here in the Custom Scripts and Styles field.

404 Page

You can customize the content on your 404 page here.

License Key

Add your Ultima Gaming license key to the License Key field to enable automatic updates. We have a separate guide on How to update your Ultima Gaming theme for more information on license keys and updates.