Getting Started with Ultima Gaming

If you're new to WordPress, or even if you're not - this short guide is going to get you started with the WordPress basics.

Assuming you are using one of our themes - Broadcast Lite, Broadcast PRO or Ultima Gaming - we will start by installing the theme.

Installing your theme

Login to your WordPress website and you'll be greeted at the Dashboard. From here, use the main navigation on the left and navigate to Appearance -> Themes.

From here, click Add New -> Upload Theme. You should now find your .zip file you downloaded from the StreamWeasels store and upload it.

Once uploaded, choose Activate.

That's it :) You're theme is now uploaded and activated.

Setting your homepage

Once activated, there are a couple of small things to do to get your started. First, use the main navigation on the left and choose Pages.

From here, you may want to delete the two default pages WordPress comes with - Sample Page and Privacy Policy. Hover over these pages and choose Trash.

Now click Add New at the top.

Give your new page a title - something like Home or Homepage will work fine.

Save that page and head back to your WordPress Dashboard.

Use the main navigation on the left and choose Settings -> Reading.

Now you want to set the new page you created as your homepage.

Under Your homepage displays choose a static page and the choose your new homepage under Homepage.

Other Basics

If you plan on using your site to blog, blog posts liver separate from pages. On the main navigation on the left, choose Posts. You may want to delete the default post that comes with WordPress Hello World. Hover over the post and select Trash.

You can add new posts by clicking Add New at the top.

On the same page, under Settings -> Reading make sure Search Engine Visibility is not checked. Checking this box will block google from indexing your site so you won't show up in search results - so make sure it is not checked!

Head over to Settings -> General and make sure your Site Title, Tagline and everything else on this page is set correctly.

And that just about covers it. You may want to check out more support for our Gaming WordPress themes to continue setting up your theme.