Twitch Wall Add-on

How to Configure Wall Add On

Most of the configuration of settings is done on the main Twitch Integration page but some specific customisation for Twitch Wall can be found in 'Twitch Integration -> [Add On] Wall'

Column Count

This will set the maximum number of columns in your wall grid up to 6.

Column Spacing

Sets the spacing between columns from 0 to 100 px.

Wall shortcode

You can simply use the shortcode [streamweasels] for your Twitch Integration which will use the settings saved in your Twitch Integration settings page. For more complicated integrations or multiple different styles you can change the settings directly on your shortcode. Click here to learn more about StreamWeasels shortcodes. Shortcodes specific to Wall Add On are shown below;

Field Attribute Values Description
Column Count
wall-column-count="" Number
Set number of columns to divide up streams in wall. Recommended max 6
Column Spacing
wall-column-spacing="" Number
Set pixel spacing between columns. Recommended 0-100