Using multiple pages with Twitch Sub Private Pages

This guide is going to assume you already have your Twitch Sub Private Pages plugin setup correctly, including your Client ID and Client Secret.

If that's not the case, please have a look at out installation guide for Twitch Sub Private Pages and our guide on How to setup a Client ID and Client Secret.

OAuth Redirect URLs

If you're going to have multiple private pages on your site, you must have each page setup in your application on as an OAuth Redirect URL.

You can have up to 10 of these pages.

Special care must be taken to make these match your site URLs exactly.

http:// or https:// must match!

www must match!

The / on the end must match!

For example, if the URL displayed on your site for your private page is this:

Then you must not add https://, make sure you have the www and do not add a / on the end.

Private Content

Now that you have your OAuth Redirect URLs setup correctly, let's start adding private content. Head to your private page in WordPress.

Set Activate Private Content to Yes. You will now see more options.

Subscription Plan

Choose between All Tiers, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 to lock this page down to specific Twitch subscription levels.

Content Select

Choose between Current Page, Settings Page and Custom Page. As this guide is setting up multiple private pages, we want to select Current Page.

You will then see the Private Content field directly before. Fill this with the private content that you only want to be displayed to Twitch subscribers on this page.

Login with Twitch Button

The last step is to add a Login with Twitch button to this page, so your users can actually login and authenticate their subscription with Twitch. This is done with the shortcode: [TwitchSubPrivatePages]

Add this shortcode to the regular content area on this page. That might look something like this, with the Classic Editor.

Or with Gutenberg:

And that's it! This page is now setup to display your Login with Twitch button. When a user clicks the buttons and Twitch verifies their subscription, they will gain access to the private content you placed in the Private Content field!

Now to add more pages, do it in exactly the same way, up to ten times!