Twitch Feature Add-on

Twitch Feature is our first premium Add-on for Twitch Integration, which enabled a slick, professional-style layout inspired by the Twitch homepage Featured streamer Carousel. Now you can Feature your own curated streams in the same way. 

How to Configure Feature Add On

Most of the configuration of settings is done on the main Twitch Integration page but some specific customisation for Twitch Feature can be found in 'Twitch Integration -> [Add On] Feature'

Embed Position

Set position of embedded player above or below Feature menu

Controls Background Colour

Set Background colour on controls icon to navigate menu

Controls Arrow Colour

Set arrow colour on controls icon to navigate menu

Feature shortcode

You can simply use the shortcode [streamweasels] for your Twitch Integration which will use the settings saved in your Twitch Integration settings page.  For more complicated integrations or multiple different styles you can change the settings directly on your shortcode. Click here to learn more about StreamWeasels shortcodes. Shortcode attributes specific to Feature Add On are shown below;

Field Attribute Values Description
Embed Position feature-embed-position="" Above Embed stream content above the feature carousel
Below Embed stream content below the feature carousel
Inside Embed stream content inside the feature carousel
Controls Background Colour feature-controls-bg-colour="" Colour Hex Code Background colour of the controls arrow
Controls Arrow Colour feature-controls-arrow-colour="" Colour Hex Code Colour of controls arrow